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Do you find that people do not listen or understand you? *
COMMUNICATION. "C" in Catalyst for Results©.
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Are you authentic in all your dealings? *
YOU. The "Y" in Catalyst for Results©.
Do you use your knowledge to influence others? *
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Do you realize how your timelines affect others? *
TIMELINESS. The "T" in Catalyst for Results©.
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I spent years working to understand what I was missing – in order to obtain to get the results that I wanted – in a timely and meaningful manner. I work with both scientists and the business people they work with to share what I have learned. As a scientist, I was unable to fully utilize the information I had learned in “soft management classes”; the language and attitudes were for the most part incomprehensible to me. I am a scientist, and I “understand” the world in very specific ways.

The mission of Smart Leadership Coaching is to provide you with the tools to become the influential expert that you are. Remember that getting results is all about getting things done, which means having the competencies in those areas – otherwise so many doors in your life will remain closed to you and you will never see the results you so richly deserve.

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