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Have you experienced this? After earning my Ph.D., I was shocked - the world did not stand up to applaud me. Then came post-doc, board-certification in clinical chemistry, and teaching at a local university. Corporate America followed, I hoped for different results with recognition and respect I deserved. It was the same. I was a “knowledge peddler”, but it got me nowhere. The funny thing was, on the business side, I became so frustrated with the researchers being clueless of what the business was all about. The end result is that despite changing my working environments – attaining the results I wanted and deserved still seemed an unattainable reality.

Years were invested working to understand the missing component – in order to obtain and get the desired results – in a timely and meaningful manner. Now I work with scientists and the business people they work with. Sharing the clear path to results they want. The mission of Smart Leadership Coaching is to provide you with the tools to become the influential expert that you are. Remember that getting results is all about getting things done, which means having the competencies in those areas – otherwise so many doors in your life will remain closed to you and you will never see the results you so richly deserve.

No matter if you’re a graduate fresh out of college unsure what direction your career should take, a professional that has trouble understanding the business side of your company, or a manager confused by the scientific and technical processes your employees need to perform to be profitable, you need to call Dr. Susan Carson of Smart Leadership Coaching. A certified coach, scientist, speaker and former executive recruiter, she can help anyone take their career and learning to the next level. Start a career, find a job, improve your work, or better your life; give us a call, and Dr. Susan can help you today!

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