Just my two cents .......

Just my two cents .......

Hi, welcome to my blog.

Or as my husband would call it, welcome to my streams of consciousness. I can only write about what I have studied (as in texts), what I have learned, and what I have been through, and all the gifts I have received that have been wrapped in sand paper, as Lisa Nichols says.

I do not pretend to know it all, nor do I pretend to have answers to everything. And I can even be wrong! What I do stand behind is that the majority of what I write about comes from my heart and soul – as translated by my left side of my brain. I was raised to worship truth, facts, and scientific discipline. Everything must be authenticated, and be reproducible.

So I spent many years perfecting that.

I had to have the A’s, in fact; I would get a lecture from my dad if I only got an A-! I had to have the chemistry structures memorized, I had to publish, I had to fit the image of being a scientist.

And where did that get me? Not too far.

It got me angry, it got me frustrated , it got me depressed. It has taken me on an interesting
journey where I have learned so much. I have learned that it is not only about the knowledge I learned – great stuff – but about the knowledge I did not learn.

I learned that I did not think like a lot of folks. I felt very different. I could not find where I fit in. I kept focusing on what I did not get – be it respect from my peers, or not getting listened to when I thought that I had the answers, or not getting the promotions. It did not make sense – I knew so much.