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I will help you develop your strategy to improve your results and better your life. - Dr. Susan Carson, Ph.D.

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Susan Carson, Ph.D.
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We Find the Success in your DNA!

Susan Carson, Ph.D. is the founder of “SMART Leadership Coaching.”  Her firm specializes in the development of individual leadership and communication skills for scientists and technology professionals toward achieving the results they want.   With her extensive experience as a scientist, as the owner of a successful executive recruiting firm, and as an ICF-trained coach, Dr. Carson is eminently qualified to provide her clients with the assistance needed in their job or life search journey.  In the process of coaching her clients, she focuses on leading them through the transformation which results in the life changes they seek – be it a search for life balance, career guidance, or any other area in which they need assistance. To this end, Dr. Carson developed the CATALYST© platform, which is designed to assist them in becoming the CATALYST© for the results they want using their own DNA!

Susan was born and raised in New York City.  She received her undergraduate degree from NYU and then went on to complete her Ph.D. in Biochemistry at Hahnemann Medical College after which she obtained advanced training in clinical chemistry and toxicology.  As a teacher at Michigan State University, she has developed curriculums and lectured at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to students in Medicine and Medical Technology. She has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked in business development, product marketing, clinical research, and medical affairs. Susan has also served as a consultant to pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Susan’s positive experience working in executive recruitment and career development led her to establish Strategic Placements, an executive recruiting firm. In Strategic Placements, Susan focuses on a personalized, human-centered approach to rapidly deliver harmonious partnerships between skilled executives and results-oriented enterprises.  Currently, she serves on the Clinical Advisory Board of a small pharmaceutical company located in Texas where she brings both her clinical and management knowledge.  In addition she serves as a mentor and a member of the curriculum committee of the Professional Leadership Program at the University of North Texas.

IT IS TIME for me to become the Catalyst to get the results I want!


Dr. Susan Carson’s innovative "Catalyst For Results˝ System shows how to convert your technical knowledge and expertise to career influence and impact. Based on proven chemical reaction theory, where an input of energy is needed to push the reaction forward, Dr. Carson shows how to become the catalyst you need to be.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Catalyst Bootcamp:  Learn to be the Catalyst!
  • Laser Coaching for individuals
  • Group Laser Coaching

SNAP • Single Noteworthy Access Program

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Just snap your fingers and get to the next level!

Titles Include:

  • How to have a PULITZER prize winning resume
  • How to write the BEST elevator speech
  • How to use your STRENGTHS to have a winning profile
  • The SUCCESS SECRET in Informational interviews

Offered for groups and individuals.


Speaking Engagements

Each talk is customized to your group’s needs and can be presented as a keynote, workshop or seminar (1/2 day or full-day), Webinar or online training. Dr. Carson also offers individual and group coaching, home study courses (including workbook); CDs, eBooks and other materials available online.

Presentations Include:

  • Build a bridge between management and scientific/technical staff for maximum profits and productivity. Best-fit audiences: Managers of Technical/Scientific staff
  • Influence 101: Leverage your expertise to get the results you want. Best-fit: Audiences: Scientific/Technical professionals
  • So I have my Ph.D. ... Now what? Best-fit audiences: Newly graduated Scientific/Technical professionals
  • Connect to the success in your DNA. Best-fit audiences: Groups who want inspirational speakers
  • Customizable Content available. Contact our office for information.

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