IT IS TIME for me to become the Catalyst to get the results I want!


Dr. Susan Carson’s innovative "Catalyst For Results˝ System shows how to convert your technical knowledge and expertise to career influence and impact. Based on proven chemical reaction theory, where an input of energy is needed to push the reaction forward, Dr. Carson shows how to become the catalyst you need to be.

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Catalyst Bootcamp:  Learn to be the Catalyst!
  • Laser Coaching for individuals
  • Group Laser Coaching

SNAP • Single Noteworthy Access Program

stock-vector-pop-art-vector-illustration-hand-snapping-fingers-85319569 copy.jpg

Just snap your fingers and get to the next level!

Titles Include:

  • How to have a PULITZER prize winning resume
  • How to write the BEST elevator speech
  • How to use your STRENGTHS to have a winning profile
  • The SUCCESS SECRET in Informational interviews

Offered for groups and individuals.


Speaking Engagements

Each talk is customized to your group’s needs and can be presented as a keynote, workshop or seminar (1/2 day or full-day), Webinar or online training. Dr. Carson also offers individual and group coaching, home study courses (including workbook); CDs, eBooks and other materials available online.

Presentations Include:

  • Build a bridge between management and scientific/technical staff for maximum profits and productivity. Best-fit audiences: Managers of Technical/Scientific staff
  • Influence 101: Leverage your expertise to get the results you want. Best-fit: Audiences: Scientific/Technical professionals
  • So I have my Ph.D. ... Now what? Best-fit audiences: Newly graduated Scientific/Technical professionals
  • Connect to the success in your DNA. Best-fit audiences: Groups who want inspirational speakers
  • Customizable Content available. Contact our office for information.

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